Ω  Sheffield Shopper Society’s ‘mini southern adventure’

last weekend a few members headed off to Swanage in Dorset for the Single Speed UK gathering.

SS Represent.









the actual Single Speed event was done on our trusty All Terain bicycles.

Shopper club was there for the beach and pub misson. saftey. 🙂

♠ Sheffield Shopper Society’s 1st blood part.II

apologies for the late report on our second meet, held on friday the 25th of May. our new recruits holmes, ed, huw & krystal completed our squad of eight.

as usual, the workshop yard was our LZ.

we rolled in force through the streets of sheffield to the greedy greek at hunters bar.

falafel wraps on board we picnic’d in the park before lighting up the single track in bingham park.

things got a little crazy, and the airbourne division was born…

it was clearly time to wind down on easy street

some easy chillin’ in the last bit of sun

happy days. roll on the next meet…


♦ Sheffield Shopper Society’s 1st blood

we had our 1st meet on April 28th, rolling out from ReCycle Bikes were the four founders and our first member, Dan from Cycles in Motion.

as we ride shoppers, we headed for Sheffield centre to do some shopping. 😉

after a brief stop at halfords to draft a new member, we rolled into sheffield centre for our first shop, starbucks coffee shop.

caffine fueled, things got abit freestyle on devonshire green, and a spark ignited the future of the SS… tbc…

keen for some proper shopping we hit up poundland on the moor for a simple 1 pound challenge, Paul bailed to do some further shopping and, after a brief stop…

…we pedalled home via…


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